Saturday, 21 November 2009

Photos by Asher

I find it really interesting when I go back and look over all the photos Asher has taken.....I look at them and they seem...well..."pointless"...I don't mean that in a mean way etc.. They don't mean anything to me, they just "are". I never say anything negative about them or anything, we plug the camera in, or look at the pics on the computer and I'll say "Cool pics, tell me about them honey".... and as he tells me what it is about this or that picture, it all sinks in, it all makes sense. He sees things that I do not, or have chosen not to, and I love that. The funny thing is that once he has explained to me, I see "anew" through different eyes, and much had I been missing????
~An example are the 2 pics I've added here...the one of his feet he said... "Im lucky to have feet that work aye Mum? Papa is in a wheelchair, his feet don't work. Do you think his feet looked like mine when he was a little boy?" ....made me think????
And the pic of the clouds he said he took because he would take it to his dog's grave, to remind him what the sky looked like "out here"....
both these examples I thought were so cool!!!

How many times do we look at other people... or situations and think they're pointless etc?? How would those same people look if we looked at them through different eyes?? ..............Through God's eyes??


  1. Wow - they all take on a new meaning - so precious!!

  2. Well said my friend!!! This post should be shared around the world!! So, so true. You have a wonderful son there Neetz and Asher has a wonderful mum, one that takes the time to speak to, share moments and hear the loving vision of her son. My eyes are all teary and my heart is so full of joy.
    Bless you
    xo Kylie & Clan


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