My "Story"

A number of friends knew that I was a cancer survivor and asked me to blog my story, to share it and hopefully encourage people! I really didn't know where to start so just broke it up into "bites".... and turned it into a condensed version!  

HERE is where I start to think about writing "my story"...

Then I bit the bullet and just started writing.... this was the beginning of the story....

Then I write HERE about Chemotherapy... and carry on...

And then I end the story HERE.... and that's it in a nutshell! :)

As awful as this whole journey was... I have to say it was the best "spiritually" as boy, when you are faced with Cancer, you start to put things into perspective!  You keep really short accounts with God... you seek him... you wanna be with him!! was my most "onto it" time spiritually!! 

It also made me appreciate every single day I am blessed with!!  ;)


  1. What a pleasure to read Neetz you are so clever and such a breath of fresh air.....Mrs Positivity

    1. Well thank you "Anonymous" :) Thanks for reading ;)

  2. Hi Neetz! I was just reading up on a few of your posts and had quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!



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