Thursday, 11 February 2016

Our overseas Family Holiday

Hello everyone.  Well, so much for posting whilst overseas. I have kept a diary, but not ended up posting as planned due to only occasionally having internet access, and actually because most evenings we were out doing things, or busy, or just plain knackered!  So I will post now...using my diary notes to trigger my memory..

Friday 2 May 2014.

D .day!  Mum arrived, around lunchtime, as I was cleaning up the rest of the house, ready for the house-sitter to come in and take over.  We were so excited.
By the time Warren got home from work, we were over the edge... bags already outside ready for loading. 
Off we went, we spent the night at Deb and Johns out past Karaka there, so that we weren't rushing tomorrow.  Had a great catch up with all of the Tanas, and a bit of a late night, then off to bed.


Saturday 3 May
Today we flew out to Hong Kong from Auckland.  The kids were beside themselves with excitement, I think Mum and I were too actually. 
Mum and Dad Bassett arrived just as we were ready to go through the gates.  Joy (Warrens sister) had driven them up to Auckland from Cambridge to surprise us and see us was a lovely surprise!
We had a loooooong and somewhat tedious 13 hour flight in the most uncomfortable of seats.  But we made it through, and the kids were pretty good.  It was lovely to finally get to Hong Kong though.  We then had to endure a very bumpy and shocking bus trip to Hotel Eaton.  We got to our rooms and we just crashed out immediately...we were stuffed!!

continued tomorrow x

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  1. Can truly feel the excitement leaping off the page...can't wait to see what you all got up too. Xxx


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