Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello... how are you? Have you been alright.....?

Hi Blogosphere.

I realise that most people won't even see this, since I've been absent since my last post in October.  But I will write anyway.

I'll start with "Happy New Year!"

2015, wow.  Seems like just the other day people were stockpiling food and things all ready for the Y2K thing to go down.  .... and here we are 15 years later!

One of my "resolutions" was to write more.  To blog, to write more songs, to create.  So I will start here and right now on this first day of 2015.

Looking back on 2014, it's had a good share of its downs... but many more ups that's for sure.  Sometimes we quickly sum up our year as "good" or "bad" when in actual fact its many of both, and then lots of ├»nbetweens.

I am going to start to look for the positives MORE.. focus on them.

How did you celebrate the new year?  Did you go out and kiss your loved ones at the strike of 12am?  Or were you in bed long before any of that? 

My band were playing in the new year at a  venue on the coast Tutukaka.
We played to hundreds of party goers, and raged the night away.  I found it tough going as I currently have my leg in a moonboot due to tearing my Achilles tendon playing touch rugby.... so I had to balance, and lean on a stool.  But it was a great night.  We played about 58 songs over 4 hours, and on the countdown played a hard rock version of Auld lang syne while people kissed and hugged and celebrated.  Hubby and I got home at 4am, and were glad to see our bed that's for sure!!

An awesome and happy 2015 to all of you ... .from me xx


  1. Have an awesome 2015 Neetz! Hope you leg heals up fast! xoxo

  2. Happy New certainly know how to see a New year were in bed long before the clock struck!
    Sorry to hear you have an injury...hope it heals well and quickly. xxxx

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  4. Hello! I am new to blogger and I was wondering how you designed your link buttons?


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