Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blogging Bassett Buddies

* virtual tumbleweed rolls on by......... *

Hi guys! First time I've set cursor in this "Posting" place for a while now, I almost need a tutorial to get me back into the swing of things!
I have missed it though... and as usual throughout the day think "Oh I could blog about this..and that.." then never get around to it! 

However today, my bloggy love meter is soaring high, so tonight (well actually this MORNING...since it's now 1.27) whilst my family sleep, I want to blog about today...the day I met a Blogging Bassett Buddy...called Bron from Western Australia!

A week or so ago, I got an email from Bron, letting me know that she was going to be visiting our area, and asking what I could recommend for them to see/do while holidaying here.  I found this email at some ungodly hour of the morning when I got home from a gig and was in "wind-down" it was about 3 or 4am... I got so excited I tried to answer the email right there and then.... only to wake up about an hour later face down on my tablet on top of the bed covers, as I was so tired!

So, since she was going to be based only about an hour or so away from my town, there was no way I was letting her pass through without getting to meet her in person. Eventually time and day was set... Friday, 1pm (after Playcentre since it was the last day and Kendyl was desperate to go and make sushi!).  I thought the town basin would be the easiest place to find, so Mondos it was (meeting place of all good bloggers hehe).
Bron said "we'll be the ones looking like tourists!" hehe.

Kendyl and I arrived a little later than we had liked, didn't even have time to go home and get changed out of our Playcentre gear!! so I was a little worried about having playdough or paint etc stuck to my pants or back!  On arrival to the basin, I instantly spotted the Aussie touristy ones....haha.. and finally got to say Hello to Bron and IN REAL LIFE! not via a blog/email!  Cool huh?

I got to meet Bron online a couple of years ago when she spotted that we had the same name... and she added me and I her, and the rest is history.  Bron is a faithful "comment leaver"  even when I have been absent from my blog, or from reading blogs.... and I always look forward to hearing from her.  She is an amazingly crafty chick, and I often find myself going ..."wow that is so cool, I wish I had learnt to sew properly at school instead of going to music class!" haha. Her blog is called "Taylor Made" go and check her out!

Anyway, so we met up, and they kindly bought my Hot Choccy, and Kendyls "Dora the explorer" drink! ((Thank you)).  Then we tried to have a catch up with my 4yr old constantly trying to dominate the whole conversation......... haha.. Patient, they were both very Patient, and Kendyl later told me she thought they were "really cool for big people"....hahah I put it down to that patience (oh and the Dora drink... and the fact that Bron gave up her Choc fish as well!).  Kendyl somehow heard that Bron and Derek had a son called Fraser, however she kept getting confused and referring to Derek as Fraser! ... in the end I gave up correcting her. 

It was wonderful to meet up with two people for the first time and just have that connection.  I really find with bloggers there's that "thing" that makes you click, but I find it even more with bloggers who share the same beliefs, the common bond etc.. and The Lord!... and definitely it was very relaxed and great to just chill out and talk, catch up.  I was a bit bummed out that I had to rush off and pick up my 8yr old, since it was the last day of school before holidays, I think I could have chatted on a lot longer.  It was nice to have something in common with Derek too... he's the Worship Pastor at their church.  He's also a songwriter/singer, musician and very humble about it all (which I totally love in Musos!).. so while Bron was entertaining my little rugrat, and chatting with Simone (who met up with us...yayyy Sima J) I had a nice catch up with Mr B.  (we also have to have a check up, to see if their Bassett Bunch are related to our Bassett Brood...since they also have Cornish links!!).  Wouldn't that be funny??

It felt like it was time to leave before we knew it... so after some hurried photos (thanks to Derek), we said our goodbyes, and I was serious when I said, "If/When" we are in Western Australia, we will definitely have to catch up again!... and of course if they're ever back this way, they are more than welcome to come out for dinner and a catch up too!

I am so glad that Kendyl took the pictures above of our meet up, as I was so not onto it at all, and was so engrossed in the catch up that I forgot to get my little camera out of my handbag.  (Kendyl took these on the tablet.........which I had brought along to keep her out of my hair......which didn't work... lol).

So THANK YOU Bron and Derek, for fitting us into your busy schedule....... You guys were lovely, and it was a pleasure to meet you both! Im so glad that you enjoyed our little part of New Zealand! (and that the weather wasn't too awful for you either!).  I hope that tomorrow goes smoothly and that you have a safe trip home, back to your lovely kiddies!.
Keep in touch!  Love Juanita and Kendyl! xxx

If you go HERE to Brons blog, you'll see her account of our meet up, and also their time here in New Zealand, and she has pictures too! ;)


  1. Yay for real life catch ups! Off to check out her blog!

  2. Oh we so loved you guys too.....I was bummed that I hadn't been more organised for a longer catch up ...but so glad that you had the time to sit and chat.....thank Kendyl for those glamour shots too.....I feel like I have met a "pen friend" in real life...just like my mum would have done in her day. I know that Derek thought it was fun that we all had so much in common....he admits that this blogging thing ain't so strange after all.

    Loved you part of the country and would love to bring our kiddies back one day ours and yours would hit it off great. ..but saying that we did enjoy our second honeymoon. xxxxx

    1. Oh that's great, it's always nice to hear that others have enjoyed our part of the world! :) Yeah I always feel once I've met a new blogger, it makes their blog "come alive" thereafter!.
      I look forward to reading more now!! ;)
      Bless you guys xx

  3. fun! And how amazing that Bron's hubby is a worship pastor - I never knew that!!


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