Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Had a good ol' laugh last night when I was looking for some pics.... (for something totally different).  I noticed I had a lot of "selfies" ... pics that I have taken of me and my special people :)  I've got a few below, but believe me.... there are oodles and oodles more... what a funny thing.  The funniest thing about "selfies" is that usually they are the most random angled/focused kinds of pics, but I love them... the spontaneous nature of them and all.

Share some of your selfies with us, I'd love to see!!

In these are:  My niece Faith,  My mums bro Uncle Wayne, My dog Sarge, Mum and I (the day after Dads funeral), My cousin Renee, My cousin Shar.

My cousin Charles (Dads namesake) who was over for Dads funeral and stayed for my 40th xx,  My niece Faith again, My niece Bobbi, My brother, My niece Charlize (another namesake of Dads), My nephew Taikaha.

My Mums sister Aunty Di, My cuzzy Charlotte, Mums bro Uncle Gary, Mums bro Uncle Ron, Cuzzy Hana, Mum biting me,

And... me and my Mummy, Me and my Darling Warren, ... middle 2 pics me and my Precious Daddy ((RIP)) xxx, bottom... Me and hubby, and me and cuz/god daughter Cally.

Great memories.

xx  Neetz xx


  1. Love the -and so precious how your dad has so many named after him!

  2. P.s.oooooooo -love the new blog look!!

  3. You go girl...there are not enough selfies around the blogging world. xxx

  4. Coolness .. love the one of your mum biting you .. hilarious!!

    1. hehe..yeah she's a crazy one my Mumma xx

  5. Selfies are awesome. I especially love the selfie "fails" that are in my gallery- hideous, bad angles, misplaced or whathaveyou hehehe

  6. LOve these! Will have to look up all of mine!


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