Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Chasing the Chirp...

Okay, so it's 1.45am, and here I am hunting out a chirping (I think that's what they do)... Cicada! 

Im guessing it was one of the 3 that my 3yr old daughter had great pleasure in calling her "pets" today!  We let her catch and hold bugs, but then she has to let them go... (Outside!)...  however, we now have a chirping singing Cicada, singing at the top of its voice!!

*Man those things sound real loud when it's the middle of the night!!*
So I find that it's somewhere in the dining room.....

I manage to grab the thing
*disclaimer.....Cicada was not harmed at all by said "grabbing"*

It escapes when I do the bloggy thing and slightly open my hand for a picture.....

Lands on my head......(which I fail to I'm using my Samsung tablet and not a normal camera y'know! (kinda tricky)

Hides in the curtain...........I fluff around noisily now trying to MAKE the darn thing chirp (so I can locate it).......... will it chirp, it will NOT!   arrrgh

Finally after grabbing ferociously at the makes a very quick noise...just enough for me!

I swat at falls on the ground....I try to catch it (after photographing it of course)

I open the door hoping it may fly out to freedom.......... it doesn't...goes flying into the kitchen......arrrgh I'm grumpy and have had enough, and then Sage appears out of nowhere looking at me as if to say "What arrrrrreeee you doing Mum?" and looking like I'd woken him up!  And I swear he shook his head disapprovingly at me...........heehee.

So off to bed I the rogue Cicada sings merrily in the lounge light!

I think I finally fell asleep mid-chorus from the Cicada around 2.30am



  1. oh man!!! I had totally forgotten about cicadas! im sure they must have them here...probably ENORMOUS ones that don't fit through windows to fly inside. hahaha
    Hope you got some decent unchirpy sleep dear friend!

    1. well... Kendyl woke up hearing me trying to catch the cicada... so I ended up going and cuddling with her and falling asleep in her bed (lucky its a double!).. next thing I knew Warren was kissing me goodbye as he went off to work.... lol xxxx

  2. Ohhh man, I was kept awake by hubby's SNORING last night til about 3am too! Grrrr.

    Hey i just wanted to say, I LOVED your comment on my makeover post... and hehehe, you sure inspired me. Just saying. So far you're the front runner (I would LOVE to do this for a friend too; Oh, and hoping to come up next friday night for dinner with you all at Waipu - will you be there??)

    1. hehee.. I thought you might like it ;) hehe and you betcha... Im planning on being there! xxx

  3. Oh dear ...hope you pesky house guest has moved on out now. xxx

  4. you have my sympathies!! A chirping cicada in the house! Never imagined such a thing!!


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