Friday, 30 November 2012

....not blogging ...

Hi everyone.

I just thought I would sit down and drop you (who are still "holding on in there" on my blog) a quick line to let you know ............. I haven't been here much lately as I've had some "biggies" going on in "real life", and I know that should I sit down and blog, then it will more-likely-than-not become about the issues... one in particular.  The result of that would be just a major "downer", and I think first I need to get my head around it all...?  I dunno.  that's my thought for this hour anyway... it may well change (frequently).

Love and more love
Neetz xx


  1. Hoping you're ok awesome lady xxx

  2. Thinking of you - lots of love xx

  3. Love love love to you xxxx Hang in there sweetie, God's got your back xxx

  4. Don't ever feel the pressure to blog Neetz - and we are all here for you buddy. Love you tonnes. xoxo

  5. ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

    Hope things settle down soon :-(


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