Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Helping helps!

.......I've just remembered how, when you take time out to help someone else, - regardless of how busy you are, or the amount of crap you're going through or facing.... you know it HELPS not hinders your own situation!  Funny how that works right?

When we can set our sights on someone elses needs, and reaching out to them and helping out a bit, it's amazing how that helps you to not be so focused on all that is or isn't going on in our own lives !

:) I've been making an effort this week to really put others before me/my situation, reaching out and blessing people.  Dare you to do the same x


  1. Love you Neetz, you are one of the most utterly unselfish people I know.
    You deserve blessings galore my beautiful friend.

    1. You are lovely my sister (maybe not sis by blood, but by CHOICE!) xxxxx Love you. x

  2. Love it and totally inspired!

  3. You're awesome :) I totally need to do this xx

  4. You are so right...I hope it is really bringing you joy this week. xxx


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