Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy 40th anniversary Mum and Dad

Well, what a milestone for my fantastic parents.

Forty years of marriage they are celebrating today.  An accomplishment not to be scoffed at in this day and age!  I think they are a great example to us... their family, and their friends too.  In this "disposable" society in which we live, it is so easy to just ditch things and people too, for the better, the brighter, the newer etc.  Sticking at something, especially something that can (at times) be difficult like marriage, for 40 long years is a great achievement!  I have been truly blessed by these two, and Thank God for them.

We had a great Champagne breakfast together before church, then it was time to come home again.
Thanks Mum and Dad for your love, and for your love of each other.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to your Mum and Dad. I agree wholeheartedly with you about what a great achievement it is. My Mum and Dad are coming up 43 years and I am so proud of them. It's not been easy but like your parents they have chosen to stay together and work through the hard times. So happy for them Neetz!

  2. You are so right...great achievement ...something for us all to aspire to. I too have great role models that show how to stick at things and reap the rewards. xxx

  3. How beautiful!!! Congratulations to them - a real example of how it's done to us all. p.s. teeny tiny you looks just like Kendyl!!! Cute!

  4. Wow!!! Congrats to your Mum and Dad!! What inspirations!!

  5. Congrats Ma and Pa! 40 years rocks!

  6. Well done great example for your lovely and loving family. May you be granted another 40 years of happy, healthy and love filled years together.

    Mary & Noel

    1. Thanks so much Mary and Noel! Much love to you guys xx

  7. how awesome! you're right, an accomplishment like that is not to be scoffed at...much love to your mum and dad on this special day xx Rose Tusini

  8. love the old school photos. Congrats to them both ♥


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