Sunday, 10 June 2012

I think I should re-introduce myself..........

 .......well, it's been quite a while, I thought you'd forgotten all about me...   ME..remember? Neetz? Juanita??heehe. (You better not have forgotten me already!!!).
Well my "little" stint away kinda just dragged on and on and on.  I didn't forget about all you gorgeous friends out there, in fact quite the opposite, I kept thinking, "I really should get my blog back on" and "I should check out my reading list" etc... however we've had all sorts going on here in the REAL life.


A Dad in hospital (has been for most of this year and a good portion of last year)...
He's looking great.... he's healed almost COMPLETELY up... his PICCline is out....He's doing awesomely!
**He went home yesterday looking FAB and so glad to get back to Northland...and his own bed...and all his grandies**

A Mum living in the "emergency accomodation" at Middlemore Hospital for the last 8 weeks
Now this might not seem like a "biggie" ... but having Mum stuck in Auckland...staying in a dorm-like room  that sleeps 9 people (strangers) for 8 weeks, can have its fair share of "worries" and stressors.
Imagine knowing your little (and she's small......just over 5ft) white (not that colour REALLY has anything to do with it.... but she's in South Auckland remember)....almost 60yr old Mummy, is living in a place where she is sometimes the ONLY person there (upside: she doesn't have to put up with other peoples smells/noises etc... downside: it's quite lonely, and scary in that room...right out by the parking lot, with the trains going by at all hours etc.....)  Another down point is, that people can arrive at all hours of the day and night... at one time Mum was awoken by the door swinging open at 3am and a HUGE maori guy with dreads/tatts coming in to stay and she was the only one there!!!!.  Turns out the dude was quite lovely, and had a son in hospital, and she  quite enjoyed his company for the 3 days he was there....   But... I often found some nights my brain was racing...I was worried for all the "what if's"  I made her make sure she had the security guys number in her phone and it ready to go at any time of the night....  I also had to really hanker down and pray for protection for her... otherwise I would have gone a bit mad I think!!!  It got to the point that when we'd pray as a family at night... Kendyl (3yrs) would pray.. "and dear God, bless my Nana and look after her, protect her from the dinosaurs......???????????/"  hahaha.. she'd thought Nana was at significant risk from the dinosaurs bless her little heart!

A Sis in law who's waiting to hear what the "Mass" she has in her abdomen is
My awesome sis in law has been in the worst pain ever for several months now.... and finally they scanned her...and went "OH"...... and found the "Mass".  Now 2 weeks after being discharged from hospital....she is still on significant amounts of pain medications, and still in debilitating pain at times...... and still waiting to see what the medical and surgical teams want to do about said Mass,.......and still trying to be a Mummy/Wife to her family and "function as normal"........and trying to remain Positive while waiting for a "real" diagnosis/prognosis.
My sis in law

My bro
A Cousin who's been diagnosed with a "Mass" in his stomach
Another waiting game..... waiting to see how much more pain he can tolerate... waiting for the Doctors to go in and do something about it.... all the while trying to live a normal life....

An Aunty (in law) who's having treatment after the removal of 2 brain tumors in Jan
She's actually Warrens aunty, but she is so lovely, that I just claim her as mine too... :)  She's so very positive and is pushing on with the awful treatment (she had to have double dose Chemo just this week gone will no doubt be feeling pretty grosse right now).  We took a week out and went to Taranaki to spend some time with her and it was great :) She's such a positive woman... has a great faith too......... and spending quality time with her was just lovely.

So...that is some of the things that has kept me occupied over this time that I've not been here in blog-land.  That and the usual goings on of "everyday" Kids, Husband, church, mainly music, entertaining, band stuff, Playcentre, Housework, Life in general!!!

I have to say's really nice to be back!! :)  I've got so many things to share with you that perhaps I'll make a start on them and schedule some posts... (we'll see...I'm the best of all procrastinators!!)..

See ya round xxx

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  1. Woah! That's a heap of family health issues :( nice to see you back though!

    1. I know..tell me about it... I'm so OVER it! :)

  2. I hate cancer, it's the suckiest disease. Will pray for your family tonight x

    1. Thank you for your prayers... we all really appreciate them!! xx

  3. Lots of prayers for your family Neetz, what a year!
    Thinking of you always my dear friend, love ya heaps!

    1. Thanks my lovely friend. xxx Love you heaps too xxx

  4. As if we could ever forget YOU, Neetz.
    And WOW what a list.
    Amazing how much there can be in just ONE family :(
    Luv you Neetz

    1. All christians too.... in ministry!! (frontline stuff aye??) xxxx

  5. Hello nice to see you have had some tough things going on....looking forward to seeing you around some more. xx

  6. I hope that your family get a break from the dramas soon.

    I'm still here just lurking a little more as I look after myself for a wee bit. Really glad to see you back :D

    1. Thanks for that ....... been a crazy time. Hope you're doing well xxx

  7. Aw Neetz. I'm so sorry to hear about all the health issues in your family. Big love to you, and hoping your mum does indeed stay safe from those dinosaurs ;)


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