Friday, 13 January 2012

First Post of 2012

Well, a belated Happy New Year to you all!  Once again a late post from yours truly! ... and even when I said I was going to be making an effort this year!  Well, hopefully I'll pull my socks up and get blogging a bit more! (Wishful Thinking Neetz!!).

So, how's everyone going on their resolutions?  I have a couple I've yet to start!

Anyway.. we had a great Christmas!  Spent Christmas eve at my brothers.  We had the best ever BBQ.. with steaks/seafood/desert, then lots of swimming was had by the children while we set up the "family band" in the garage...drums, bass, guitar, singers the lot!  We jammed and sang and played, it was awesome!
My Brother Bob aka: Santa!

Once it got darker, the kids had a little disco inside, complete with disco lights and the stereo UP!  Then Santa appeared on the deck!  He sat with the kids, and reminded them that there was more to Christmas than just pressies!  And after being chased by all the kidlets around and around the deck, he disappeared into the horizon... (and looked rather tired!) heehee.

The kids all slept together and fell asleep watching DVD's.  It was so lovely!

It was pure Chaos the next morning, with christmas wrap for miles...squeals and laughter, a beautiful sight!  And after a wonderful champagne breakky, with pancakes and cream and berries etc.... we all headed off to church.... Bro worship leading and on guitar, Myself singing and playing Bass, our Cuzz Lance on drums and my sis in law also singing.........we had a lovely Christmas morning Service...

Then back on with the eating!! haha.

Our boxing days are always spent meeting up with the whole extended family, at our favourite spot on the East Coast ~ Whatuwhiwhi.  Kites flying, games of badminton, cricket on the beach... again with the eating!  And swimming/diving (mmmmm yummy!). We always leave that place happy for the beach time, and the catch up with the family... !!! Fan.tas.tic!
(Even our Rottweiler enjoyed it!).

It rained and rained after that.  And we had a Wedding gig to do a few days after Christmas, so it was back to work!  Then back to Whangarei to get ready for our New years eve gig at Tutukaka.

New Years Eve ROCKED!  The place was totally packed!  The dancefloor was crowded right from the first few bars of our first song!  (just how we like it!).  It was a wonderful night, and Warren and the kids stayed for a good portion of the evening, until he bundled them off home.  I dragged myself into bed just after 4am after packing down, then driving home!  ..............I had to push aside a little 2yr old girl who had obviously claimed my spot in bed sometime during the early hours of the morning... she was probably keeping Dad company til Mummy got home!

After a rude awakening...........with one sick little girl at day (and the next several) went downhill rapidly.  One by one my family members were struck with a horrible tummy bug.........EEK... what a way to welcome in the New Year!!

Thankfully they all recovered, and we got to do some beachy fun days, before heading off to Cambridge to spend time with the In-Laws.  We also took a day trip to Rotorua, where we had a ball at Whakarewarewa, and at Skyline riding on the Godolas/luges/chairlifts!  (It totally POURED down while we were coming down on the luge, but it did not take away any of the fun of it at all! in fact we came down a few more times to make sure we were soaked RIGHT through to the undies!!). lol
We then sat through a funny 4D dracula cartoon ride.... until we were so uncomfortable in our wet clothes that we had to get back to the car and change! we're home and hubby's started back at work we'll leave him home next week and venture North back to Kaitaia for some more holiday fun (poor dad at home!).  And when we leave Kaitaia, my big boy (and my parents) have made it very clear that he will be staying for a LONG time!! haha



  1. Man, your Christmas sounds like the best ever!!!

  2. Oh I agree with PJ!! Wow Neetz, what an amazing Christmas!
    And dont worry, i only did my first post yesterday...
    Loving all these cool things you are up to, looks like a fab holiday!!!

  3. your kids are so squishy!
    Sounds like a fab holiday break...minus the runs!

  4. Family is what totally makes the whole family involvement.....
    You don't sound like you have had too much time to blog with all that fun.
    How did you end up with a "blondie"?

  5. What fun you guys have had (well, other than the tummy buy) :-)!


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