Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bad Blogger!!

Yes, say it... say it loud!  Juanita is a bad blogger!
I know I am, but it hasn't made me pull up my proverbial socks and get writing/blogging!!

So here I sit, again with a million things and "possible" posts in my head, yet "stuck!".

I will write about my new dog until I can find the "MOJO"!

Here he is:
He's a one year old.
A rottweiler (gasp).
He's cheeky
He'sover-the-top-"lovey"....wants loves constantly.  He would be attached to you 24hrs a day if he could be.  He's such a sook!
My Asher and his new buddy "Th' Sarge" .. well just Sarge, but "Th' Sarge" sounds more "scary!"
Hanging out together
Whatcha looking at Mum?

His olfactory organ

Eyes and nose
Paws (holding hands)

Such a sop....loves to kiss anyone and everyone!
Yuck puppy breath!

His lips

Me interrupting his sleep

Hey...go away

Sleeping ??beauty?

Up close and personal
Lounging around


big ol Puppy dog eyes...

So.. that was my burnt offering for the time being.  I will get sorted and present you with something much better soon.... I PROMISE!! ;)


  1. Sooooooooo cute!! Loving the pics.

  2. you are one of the busiest people I know...I don't know how you fit in any blogging!

  3. What a beautiful boy! I hope not too many people gasp about the being a rottweiler thing. Looks like he has a lovely temperament. People will give you lots of great doggy 'advice' because you clearly own an 'at risk' dog.. what a load of BS, rotty's are great! Pop over to my blog to see my boy sometime. If you're anything like me your heart will get completely taken by any rotties from now on. Hope you enjoy him <3


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