Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Being thankful

So thankful for a "larger than life" bubba girl, who pushes me to the edge of my sanity at times, but who can be so darn cute that she can melt your heart....my lil' ratbag!

So thankful for my sensible (sometimes OVERLY sensible), and deeply sensitive big boy.  He can make you feel so loved and needed, and so very special with one of his big cuddles.

So thankful for my beautiful blessings.

And their special smiles.

So Thankful for my awesome baby brother, who I love and adore, and really miss sometimes even though he's only in Kaitaia and Im just down in Whangarei.  Love the man that he's become, and how he lets God steer him and his family in their journey through life. 

So thankful for My awesome Dad, who although he is a paraplegic - amputee, seizes life and makes the most of his days, he's an awesome Dad, Husband, Papa.  And so thankful for my lovely little white crazy Mum... who's a real go-getter!  She's a little firecracker and is so much fun to be around. I love her no nonsense approach to life, and how she "just gets on with things".

So thankful for awesome friends like Mikey too (in the Hurley Tshirt).  He is our friend/Pastor/like family, been through us all through thick and thin, in good times and not so good!

And...so so very Thankful for this man... my lovely husband. 
Quiet (unlike his wife)

Never has he used an awful derogatory word against me, when he's had lots of reasons to, that's for sure!  He's sooooo the right guy for me. He never yells at me (I yell at him), He loves me unconditionally, He provides for us so well!  When I see some husbands/men around the place, like last week at Countdown, I come home so very thankful for my guy.  Sometimes you forget how great you have it, until you step back and take a look around you!  Thanks Warren, I love you xxx  And Thanks God, for giving me Warren xxx


  1. nawww what a nice post .. SO true - we forget how good we have it at times!! (Man Kendyl looks SOoo much like your lil brother!!)

  2. This is so precious!!! Loving it - you have such a wonderful family!

  3. awwww what a sweet post and hey your two blessings sound soooooo similar in personality to my two blessings xxx

  4. lovely post.
    Some times an episode of Oprah or something reminds me of how good my hubby is compared to some douches


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