Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vlogging for ya :)

In an attempt to keep up with all my gals............here's my Vlog :)

Sorry that Im sporting a huge great scab where I picked at a chin-pimple....pretty hideous!!
Also, Im trying to cover up the mess of packing etc... heehee.

Love to you guys :)


  1. Awesome! Hello!!!!!
    go the big zits! All the coolest are wearing them ;);) mines still HUGE cos I'm not a picker
    so nice to hear you Neetz, you have a lovely sounding voice. Very melodic (that's a word aye)

  2. Yay!! you did it!!
    You are such a gorgeous girl, so glad I know you IRL!!! Lucky me!!
    glad you kept those secrets...hehe

  3. Yay!! Good on you Neetz. Yay for not telling any secrets too... shhhh! I linked you up to Gail's linky. Next time you should sing us a song!

  4. HELLOOOOOO!!! Wow, I LOVE your voice (husky queen-singer-styles) and that cool piece of art on your wall!! AND where can I buy your contacts - cause those eyes can't seriously be au naturale???? GORGEOUSNESS!!

    Thanks for joining in Neetz - this is just TOO MUCH FUN for me!! LOVE it! AND look forward to crashing one of those Whanga parties too. xx

  5. I am not game enough to do one....good on you for doing it though...loved seeing the voice behind this little blog.

  6. You forgot MEEEEEE!!!!!
    You are spesh xx

  7. And your eyes look especially hot in this vid :)

  8. What a lovely lady, and such a sweet little Kendyl! (Named after me - hehe). Have fun in Cambridge!

  9. How in the world could I forget my spesh chickies PJ Kristy and Jackie Jack Jax?????? .... I know why I forgot....cos you girls are so GOOD that I didn't have any goss on you??? (was that a good comeback???) Luv yas loads xxx

  10. :) Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase sing next time????


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