Who's Who Round Here?

This is the Gateway to Bassett-Ville.. We have a small lifestyle farm with a few acres, a few goats, 12 chickens, a rooster, a horse, a pony, a rottweiler and 2 cats.

Me and Mr Bassett. I luv him lots, he was a great find and I want to keep him forever!(hope he wants me that long!)

This is Bassett Boy (6yrs) Asher  and Bassett Girl (18mths) Kendyl.

These are our Miracles who we were blessed with after my not being meant to be able to have kiddies (following Ovarian Cancer and Chemotherapy...) and who we are (most of the time) very thankful for! :)

This is (L-R) My Dad, My Mum, Warrens Mum &Dad
and Murray and Jean Cash (honorary family!!) and of course my boy at the front.

This is my only sibling, Bob(and that's his youngest child "Bobbi" girl). He is married to an awesome chick, and they have blessed our family with 1 son and 3 gorgeous girls.

We love the following...

~Ahipara~ (I'm from the Far North)

~ New Plymouth
(Warren's a "Naki-Lad" and we lived there for a few years before moving back North)

~ The gorgeous Maunga (Mountain)

And of course, Home Sweet Home.

I love...music, singing etc...

(this is my band KURFEW)

Warren loves playing squash..

We also luv .... Each other :)

awwww :)