Kurfew ~ my band

Kurfew's the band I am in.
We're a 4 piece rock covers project who take pride in playing songs how they should sound!
Kurfew is: Me (Neetz) I do vocals and a little piddly bit of guitar, and even some drumming when Fraser will allow me to! ;)  Kyle is our bass guitarist...he plays a 6 string and can make it hum! He also does some backing vocals to help fatten up the sound a bit.  Fraser is our drummer, and although we don't give him a microphone, if you listen very carefully you can sometimes hear him singing (or hollering) now and then!! haha.  And Matt is our guitarist.  He does some singing too, and we haven't had Matty long, but he's just slotted in perfectly like he has always been with us!!  We love being a working band, and enjoy getting out there regularly and partying hard and also meeting a whole heap of new people.

We play public, private and corporate gigs... and do the odd charity gig when it allows.
We play regularly at the best venue in Whangarei....Bacio bar run by the awesome Vanessa, and with the best bar chicks in town!! We love playing Bacio...the staff and the crowds rock!
Here's our facebook page
Here's our website
and heres our nzcoverbands site

Should you wish to hire us you can contact our manager Warren on 021940592
or email:  kurfew_nz@hotmail.com

Relay for life is a charity gig that we love to support where possible (if we aren't out of town with other gigs, or fully booked up!).  Relay for life and the Cancer society are a huge help to people/families dealing with Cancer and I personally have benefited from this awesome organisation!

Fraser checking out his "pits" during a hot afternoon gig
Kyle freshening his "pits" during the same hot sweaty afternoon gig.
Some gig...?

So...need some live entertainment??  Give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you!