Hi, I'm Neetz

I am very happily married to Warren, the guy of my dreams!  He is all I've ever wanted in a guy... cute..nice bum, patient loving and kind, great cook, good around the house! And a fantastic provider for our family (I love him, can ya tell?)

I have 2 beautiful kids ... Asher aged 7 and Kendyl aged ((now 2!)) :) My career as a Registered nurse is currently on hold as I do the even HARDER job of being a stay at home Mummy! On weekends I sing in a Rock Covers band called KURFEW. (a 4 piece project).

I look forward to making a heap of new friends here in blog-land x

I meet regularly with a bunch of AWESOME chicks also bloggers/mums/living in Whangarei.  We laugh, have yummy eats/drinks, encourage each other, LAUGH, solve the problems of the world, eat, LAUGH! haha.  These bloggy friends have become real life friends who I love catching up with (yay bloggy mummas!).

Wanna know more about ME?  Then get in touch!! :)