7.00am Postie at my Door!

Simone from the "must read" blog:  GREATFUN4KIDS had a giveaway a couple of weeks ago that screamed "ASHER" (who is our boy of the house/son).  So I just had to enter.

I entered..and I WON
When I told my boy he was over the moon!  
Of course then I had to listen to ... "Ohhh when's it gonna get here?"
..."Has the post been yet?"
..."How long do you think it would take for a box of Lego to get here from Auckland? ... 
...from Wellington??
....from the USA..".(WHAT? where did that come from??)
And so it continued.

And at 7ish this morning there was a knock on this door
 The postie came (rather early!!) And look what she delivered....! From blog land :)
Unfortunately "boy of the house" is holidaying at the moment in Kaitaia with his Nana and Papa, so he was not here to savour the moment.......But someone else was!!....
 She kept threatening to open up Ashers lego!!...UNTIL....
She discovered....
((Whew...thank heavens for that close shave!))
 Note:  the transfixed "staring off into space" face whilst popping not those little tiny bubbles that we used to have ((in the OLDEN DAYS...lol)).  They have lovely big fat loud popping bubbles nowadays!
Anyway...that's kept her busy, and she has totally discarded the Lego which I can now put away safely until master Bassett returns home!

YAYY... Thanks heaps Simoney!! Love your blog... love you... and LOVE your awesome Giveaways!!

Oh...thanks too to LEGO!


  1. Oh lucky Asher! That's the set I've been coveting :)

    1. I know..I had a close look at it...and it looks FAB...

  2. Hahahaha. Awesome. What kind of crazy postie is up and out at that time!!!!!!!!

    1. We're on Rural delivery...so she delivered it right to our door this morning..usually it's down in the box...but she braved the DANGEROUS (joke) Rottweiler (who couldn't lick her legs enough!!!) hahah... and we got it NICE and early!

  3. Awwww YAY!!!
    So early! (don't blame me... I had no idea) hahaha
    And I am a *must read blog* THANKS NEETZ!!!

    1. haha..hey it was okay... hubby was up and ready for work...Kendyl and i however were lounging in bed!! lol and OF COURSE you're a MUST READ blog!!! :)

  4. So very exciting....love that bubble wrap still has it. I am sure that Lego will be a sure hit. xx


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